Wreck night, double tank, organic course, photo course



Diving by the unit or in teams, with an instructor to supervise or autonomously if you have a level of diving that allows you to do so (price excluding equipment rental)




  1 dive

€45 €35

  6 dive package

€260 €205

  10 dive package

€400 €310

PTechnical diving: €75

Supplement for night/distance diving or wreck diving:  €10/15

Day 2 wreck dives Saint-Tropez

Looking for FUN? Come and take a trip with 2 dives... Discover the bay of St. Tropez during navigation, and then come diving on a wreck (35 m) and on a cliff off St. Maxime.

Barbecue and music on board... A festive atmosphere guaranteed.

L2 mini for the wreck. L1s are welcome on board and will be able to do the 2nd dive. Accompanying non-divers also within the limits of available spots.

Night diving

Come and enjoy new sensations during a night dive: after a departure at dusk, discover the underwater nightlife with the help of a lighthouse. Contact us to find out the next available dates.

Night diving and fireworks

During the whole summer, enjoy magnificent sunsets...dive at night and admire the fireworks from the sea. Afterwards, enjoy an aperitif on board. 

Non-diving companions welcome to keep the festive vacation spirit.

Contact us to find out the next available dates. 

Photo/video and biology courses in the Mediterranean and Caribbean

You've been wanting to get into underwater photography and video for a while? Don't delay! We organize themed courses: 

-Underwater Photo & Video

And also aquatic biology, because it's better to know what you see underwater! 

  • Mediterranean underwater life (course between May and September)
  • Caribbean underwater life (December)


Please contact us for more information.

Dive in groups of 10 to 70 divers

Contact us to prepare your club outings, whatever the size of the group.

Accommodations and amenities nearby. 

Diving sites around Fréjus

  • Sea lion
  • Chameleon
  • Dramont
  • Golden Island
  • The pyramids
  • The village
  • Different wrecks
  • St. Tropez
  • Sardinals
  • Swiss rocks
  • The horseshoe
  • The red rocks


Stress management at sea, relaxation, prevention, aquatic therapy 

Need a bubble of serenity? Time to recharge your batteries? Here, there are Sophrologists, coaches at your service. Protocols are tested under medical control from 4 to 10 days. Take care of yourself, and we take care of the rest

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Activity Recreational training course for children's diving

Diving discovery course, environment and underwater biology workshop. Possibility of FFESSM training (bronze, silver, gold diver) or SSI Scuba Ranger.

From 1 to 5 sessions, from May to the end of September

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First aid diving training and PSC1 refresher course, RIFAP Stress Rescue React Right FFESSM SSI

To react well in case of incidents or accidents, here is a training or refresher course (PSC1), FFESSM diving or SSI. Different dates on request. 

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Festive night of diving, VAR, Mediterranean

From May to October, come and admire the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea; then, do a night dive, before having a party out at sea (dinner or barbecue)

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