Gestion du Stress, Anxiété, Burn-out, RPS, TSPT... Prévention & Thérapie 

BATHYSMED® protocols tested under medical supervision - Prior consultation required before booking.


BATHYSMED® is the name given to the protocols developed by doctors and therapists following several clinical studies on people in a state of deep stress and trauma, including  COGNIDIVE (soldiers returning from Afghanistan) and  DIV'HOPE (survivors of the Bataclan attacks).

It is the subtle alliance of sophrology, mindfulness meditation, mental preparation and scuba diving. Water allows one to return to their salvific pre-uterine sensations... This is a perfect complement to therapy, whether it is preventive to maintain wellness or directly to alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress and burn-out and to accelerate wellness.

Thanks to  Dr M.Coulange, à V.Meurice et à F. Beneton

Who benefits?

This is for everyone, divers and non-divers alike. 

INDIVIDUALS:  for individuals or families, for anyone who wishes to take care of their well-being by means of prevention or to accelerate their recovery in case of Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Burn-out, Bore-out, Overworking, a need for a break...

COMPANIES:  on a professional basis, for employees, professionals, company managers, within the framework of the QWL (quality of life at work) and the prevention of health risks. (Psycho-Social Risks). Through the HR department, the CHSCT or occupational medicine.

To better understand stress, reduce absenteeism, improve performance...

Everything to better cope with depression, anxiety, or exhaustion.

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3 levels of protocol are possible in 4 dives each: 

  • BTY 1 focuses on the body and body image
  • BTY 2 turns to the mind
  • BYT3 is dedicated to mind/body balance


A complete protocol is possible in 10 dives.

The dives take place once a day. They are completed before and after by sophrology sessions, meditation, relaxation, mental preparation according to your needs and briefings adapted to the practice of diving safely in a particularly favorable environment.


These practices can be done:

  • In the Mediterranean Sea at St Raphaël Fréjus (TGV train station)
  • In a pool or pit a (special deep pool for diving) in Île-de-France or near your home.
  • In a private pool.


The ALPHA BELUGA team includes experienced therapists, male and female, sophrologists, coaches, Shiatsu masters (Asian medicine), and mental trainers, in addition to scuba diving instructors and first aid instructors. 

They have travelled the world and have worked in a wide variety of environments ranging from cross-functional management in international companies to training elite scuba diving figures in difficult environments (in the military or pro scuba workers). 

The key words in this school are: Kindness and Listening.


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