Stress, Burn-out

BATHYSMED® protocols 


BATHYSMED® is the name given to the protocols developed by doctors and therapists following several clinical studies on people in a state of deep stress and trauma

Thanks to  Dr M.Coulange, à V.Meurice et à F. Beneton

Who benefits?

This is for everyone, divers and non-divers alike. 

for individuals or families, for anyone who wishes to take care of their well-being by means of prevention or to accelerate their recovery in case of Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Burn-out, Bore-out,

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3 levels of protocol are possible in 4 dives each: 

  • BTY 1 focuses on the body
  • BTY 2 turns to the mind
  • BYT3 is dedicated to mind/body balance

A complete protocol is possible in 10 dives.


These practices can be done:

  • In Sea 
  • In a pool


We support the diabetic divers association and welcome you to dive all year round.

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